Suggestion of Best Ships for Sailing on Chindwin, Myanmar

A cruise on the beautiful Chindwin River will be an unforgettable mark in the mind of travelers. As a result, selecting a suitable ship for your trip is extremely significant to ensure a great time sailing on Chindwin.

Fortunately, there are only several noteworthy names on the list for you. So stick to the post and let’s find out.

 1.    Belmond Orcaella

As a well-known ship on Myanmar rivers, Belmond Orcaella offers an intimate trip for family, couple, and friends. Designed with modern and luxurious style, passengers will dwell in the fully-equipped cabins with a fantastic view to Chindwin River. Enjoy the lush forests and rocky hills from afar via the window of the wonderful room.

Suggestion of Best Ships for Sailing on Chindwin, MyanmarThe Luxury Belmond Cruise

Belmond is also famous for its superb dining experience and top-notch service. From the Burmese traditional dishes to Western cuisine, the executive chef will gladly apply his skills and effort into making a great meal. Moreover, what luxurious experience can be done without the utmost hospitality from the staffs. Take your time on the Belmond Orcaella and you will understand why dissatisfaction will not an issue onboard.

Suggestion of Best Ships for Sailing on Chindwin, Myanmar 1A Pool to Refresh Yourself

2.    Anawrahta Cruise

Another most recommended ship on Myanmar is Anawrahta Cruise from the Heritage Line. The Heritage has been a long experienced cruise operator with ships in the magnificent Halong Bay, the Great Mekong and Myanmar rivers. The Anawrahata, known as the Great King, can be considered one of their masterpiece built in Luxurious Myanmar style. 

Suggestion of Best Ships for Sailing on Chindwin, Myanmar 3Beautiful Dining Location

All rooms have private bathroom providing an excellent overview of the scenery and unique Burmese decor. Additionally, the cruise offers a total relaxation during your trip on Chindwin River. Passengers can soak in the cool water on the pool deck, or visit the special Thazin Spa to be served with passionate and professional staffs. At night, spend some time in Kipling’s Bar to watch the stars and enjoy delectable cocktails.

Suggestion of Best Ships for Sailing on Chindwin, Myanmar 5Deluxe Cabin on the Cruise

3.    Sanctuary Ananda

Presented for tourists in 2014, Sanctuary Ananda has brought numerous to the wildest locations to the Northern Region in Myanmar. Tourists on the cruise will never feel their trip monotonous due to various activities onboard and onshore. Early in the morning, passengers are welcome to join in the unique balloon flight over the peaceful landscape in Bagan. On the cruise, sit down and watch the special local performances or learn more about Burmese culture and history through several presentations from the people.

Suggestion of Best Ships for Sailing on Chindwin, Myanmar 7Ananda Cruise from Afar

Winning the Cruisecritic award in 2015, Ananda certainly tries to retain its special traits and features. The cruise boasts its combination of Burmese culture and modern design in all the cabins and suites, which offer comfy bed and spacious bathroom. Either during a cooking class with the experienced chef or an excursion on Burmese land, you will not be disappointed.

Suggestion of Best Ships for Sailing on Chindwin, Myanmar 8Amazing Decor onboard

4.    Paukan Cruises

The Ayravata Cruise Company is one of the operators on Myanmar Rivers that savor and preserve the good old design of the cruise since the early 20th. And the Paukan cruises was built under that spirit. Even though the company does not qualify their cruises as luxurious, Paukan cruises are deemed a top-notch boutique ship. 

Suggestion of Best Ships for Sailing on Chindwin, Myanmar 9Authentic Design of Paukan Cruise

Besides great design, Paukan still has the basic facilities for travelers onboard such as a spa or a sundeck. For a meal, you will dine in the restaurant serving both Western and Eastern cuisine. There is also a stage for cultural performances, a movie room and a bar for relaxation.

Suggestion of Best Ships for Sailing on Chindwin, Myanmar 10Traditional Myanmar Style Cabin

5.    Pandaw Cruises

The same as Paukan, Pandaw remains as a unique competitor on Chindwin and Irrawaddy Rivers. Some of their ships’ design dates back to the 19th century with modern facilities and amenities. As a result, passengers will immerse in the nostalgic feelings while being offered with contemporary services. 

Suggestion of Best Ships for Sailing on Chindwin, Myanmar 11Viewing the River from the Vantage Point

The cruises were built with the specific purposes in mind, for river cruising, resulted in a large observation deck for the stunning view of the region. In the restaurant, hearty meals will be prepared by the executive chef who has the vast knowledge about Burmese cuisine. More than that, all cabins are fully-furnished with comfy beds, beautiful and clean bathroom and Wifi is available everywhere on the cruise, though there is no TV.

Suggestion of Best Ships for Sailing on Chindwin, Myanmar 13A Cozy Bar for Chatting with Friends

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